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A synonymous with tradition and excellence in breeding the Pure Blood Lusitano, the Stud Rocas do Vouga keeps, since 1996, in Itu, 102 kilometers from São Paulo, an ideal modern structure in order to obtain the best results.

This success path had begun with the purchase on two important national headquarters – Top and Interagro – and the importation of some well-recommended mares directly from Portugal, representing the very best among our fellow countrymen, as Manoel Braga, Manuel Coimbra and Manuel Veiga.

The first stallions of Stud, as the significant Marfim do TOP and Ordenado, made room so we could have our own breeding, by means of a careful selection and appropriate handeling.

Nowadays, the name Rocas do Vouga, leading figure at the main and most important morphological and sports competitions in Classical Dressage, Jumping and Working Equitation, in Brazil and worldwide. Our athletes have been highlighted in big contests, showing that professionalism and talent, allied with high genetic quality, always reach the best results.